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Friday, 16 December 2011

Sign of the times?

Can somebody please tell me why there isn't a proper blue plaque at the site of the old Vincent factory in Stevenage? There is, in fact a valiant 'home made' effort, but unfortunately it just doesn't have the same gravitas as the real thing. I understand that the English Heritage scheme only operates in London, but surely Stevenage Council could scrape together a few quid to have a proper 'cast' plaque produced.

At a time when everyone and his dog are banging on about the importance of manufacturing, it's a shame that we can't officially recognise one of the finest and most innovative engineering companies of an industry that was once such a major part of our economy.

Philip Vincent has this...

Whilst Edward Turner has this. Looks like Edward Turner
got a plaque made by Vincent and Philip Vincent got a plaque 
made by Triumph... 

(just a joke all you Triumph fans, 
I'd very much like to own an early 50's T100)


  1. The sign was opened with great fanfare during the 1999 International Vincent Owners Club rally. The Mayor of Stevenage (transported in a Black Shadow outfit) led a convoy of hundreds of Vincents to the site from the old town centre. It was a great sight and the noise was incredible.

  2. That's really great and I'm sure that the event was an impressive sight. My point is that it would be nice for some official recognition of PCV outside the club, in the same way that, for example Edward Turner has a plaque. See

    You must admit that it looks more professional, more impressive and has more detail than the Vincent plaque.