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Friday, 16 December 2011

My winter to do list - part 1

I will soon be embarking on a program of repairs and maintenance to the Rapide so that hopefully, I will be able to enjoy a good summer's riding next year. The clutch pushrod has been gradually eaten by the actuating mechanism, and now there is no adjustment left so this will be first on the agenda. At the same time I will be fitting a needle roller thrust bearing conversion (available form the VOC).

I'm also planning to look inside the timing chest (scary...), and hopefully, that's all it will be - a look.

The primary chain case cover will be coming off as there is a leak from the mating face at the rear, and if necessary, a new chain and tensioner will be fitted.

The old girl has been running really well this year (despite using a bit too much oil) so I'm going to delay any further investigations and try to minimise disrupting anything else. The new pistons and barrels that I hastily purchased earlier in the year will be considered next winter.

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