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Friday, 23 December 2011

5 things that the OBB workshop couldn't live without

1. Facom 1/4 drive socket set
I've had this socket set for about 10 years, and it really does prove that quality tools are worth spending money on. Superbly made, a joy to use and will outlive me.

2. Aldi ultrasonic cleaner
I bought this about 2 years ago for the princely sum of £11.99, and it has been so useful that I can't imagine what it would be like not to have one. A bit on the small side, but with a little ingenuity and juggling you can clean carbs, switches, wiring and even your partners jewellery.

3. Facom stubby 3/8 ratchet
I do like Facom tools. This is a short ratchet and practically guarantees that you will never strip a thread again. Take them off with a long one, put them back on with this.

4. Lock wire
I got this roll of wire in a box of Bantam bits from a chap who worked in the aerospace industry (obviously appreciated fine engineering).

Not only is it great for the obvious, it's pressed into service for hanging up items to paint, poking things clear, temporary hose clips, lashing stuff together and a million other uses.

5. Dremel Stylus
A mini rechargeable Dremel that's always on hand to grind, cut, drill and sand. Another 'couldn't do without' item.

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