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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

KD Benches. Made in Scotland - from wee girders!

As well as Iron Bru, haggis and very good malt whisky, Scotland has another lesser known (but equally fine) export in the form of KD Benches.

I've been looking for a bike lift for a while, and despite some very good personal recommendations of other makes, I finally decided to go with KD. A few days before Christmas, I ordered a standard size bench with a front wheel clamp at a cost of £440 delivered, and astonishingly it arrived only 2 days later on the 23rd. Assembled and well packed, the driver and I struggled with the 80 odd kilo package (I'm not getting any younger), and it was breathlessly deposited in my yard.

It was then that I remembered the time we had a one ton safe delivered to our office. The delivery men simply used a few alloy bars as rollers and it glided into place, so a couple of cut down brooms later, the bench was in position and ready to go. Egyptian technology wins the day.

I'm delighted with my purchase.  Very nicely made, it locks positively in 3 height positions and the whole design works really well. But for me, the killer feature is the wooden top. Not only does it look nice, but the surface is kind to your dismantled covers and parts, and it becomes a convenient work bench to lay out assemblies, components, tools etc.

A top class piece of kit, and best of all it's made in Britain.

See this link for more details:

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  1. Hi Picador, KD Benches website is getting renovated and we would love to feature your photos & review. If this is OK with you please email me at :)