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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Oldbritbike top tip - It pays to be well connected

Almost every bike that I have ever bought came complete with a liberal sprinkling of those nasty blue or red Halfords type electrical connectors. Not only do they look awful, but very often they part company from the wire at the worst possible moment.

Do yourself (and your bike) a favour and invest in a proper crimping tool and a supply of brass connectors. You can then spend a happy weekend replacing the grotty stuff with nice OE looking crimped connectors. As a result, your bike will look much better, it will be more reliable and you won't look like a bodger.

Try ebay or visit Vehicle Wiring Products website for a range of crimpers from occasional use to pro, and individual or selection packs of connectors.

Do you really want these on your bike...

Instead of these?

These are pro quality crimpers for bullet and flat connectors. 
Not cheap but they last a lifetime.

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